Thursday, November 11, 2010

It's been a while!

It has been so long since I have posted! I was busy with exams and then excursions. I have yet to report on my Burro Riding Excursion, ROME, and my celebrity sightings. Tomorrow I leave at 6:30 AM  for southern Spain. We will be visiting Córdoba, Granada, and Sevilla.

As I still have packing to do I will save my Rome post for later, as I want to do it justice. In the mean time you can read about the Burros :)

The trip was hilarious from the beginning. The GW group took a bus ride to Somosierra and the last bit of the trip was done off-roading up a big mountain, eeek! We kept getting lost so here we are driving all around the mountain and stopped several times to ask "¿Dónde están los burros?" Where are the burros. Finally we found the place and were greeted with all 17 burros lined up. My two faves were the ones who were snuggling:

I ended up on the gray one and my friend Sarah on the black...apparently the snuggling didn't stop when we were mounted:
Unfortunately this soon turned into biting and kicking so they had to be separated :/

And we're off!

We rode through the gorgeous mountains of Somosierra and laughed until we had stomach aches. The burros were pretty hungry and kept veering off-path to eat the grass. Most people had no idea how to get their burros back on path so there was lots of yelling ;) Also, unlike horses, burros have no problem ramming into one another. Because none of the people in the group could steer, they kept ramming into one another and at times we had to stop to clear up the burro crashes ;) Our eventful ride ended with a lunch in the tavern. Everyone had meat cooked over a huge fire--so charming. We all joked that it was burro. Lucky for me I didn't have to worry...I'm a vegetarian so they gave me potatoes and squash. 

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