Sunday, November 21, 2010

Scary Cejas Salon

I had a slightly problematic experience...I went to get my eyebrows done in a salon. I looked up the word for this and it is "depilación de cejas." So, I wandered into a nearby salon and asked if they could do my brows. They said yes and had me sit down in the chair. A minute later comes the lady who is to do my eyebrows. I could already tell that she, like me, was not a native Spanish speaker and had a hard time speaking sooo I was a tad worried about communicating to her that I wanted a very natural look. 

Next she put a towel around my shoulders, which I found strange, but didn't think much of it, I thought maybe the wax would be messy or something. I wasn't paying too much attention and out of nowhere I feel wet goo on my head...she had put shampoo in my dry hair! I asked her what she was doing and she responded with "cejas." I got really worried, maybe cejas was the wrong word. There are a lot of words that differ among Spanish-speaking countries. For example, in Spain a peach is "un melecotón" yet in Mexico a peach is "un durazno." I started pointing at my eyebrows and saying "cejas" and finally she goes "si, cejas y lava." Nowhere did I ever mention lava (wash)!! So I said that I had only asked for cejas. At this point the natural thing to do what have been to bring me over to the shampooing sinks and give me a free shampoo. Instead she wiped off as much shampoo as possible and then dabbed my scalp with water. After this she proceeded to do my eyebrows as if this were no big deal or anything. The good news is she didn't botch my eyebrows, the bad news is I walked out with a gooey mess in my hair! 

I must say the hardest part of this experience was not laughing. It was just a bizarre little happening.

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