Friday, October 1, 2010

Barcelona part 1: Getting there!

Last weekend the entire group went to Barcelona, courtesy of GWU :) We had a 7:30 AM flight which meant we had to be at the airport by 6:30 AM. Ooof!
  • Side-note: My friends and I have noticed that Spaniards use "ooof" all the time! At first it was a running joke to use "ooof" because it sounded so funny to us. However we have now found it to be a convenient little word and incorporate it into our conversation as well. Little by little we are learning to speak like the Spaniards as opposed to the Spanish textbooks. 
Back on topic...6:30 AM at the airport. For those of you who were in Campo de Kiddies, remember the song that tells you to "dar una vuelta" (turn around)? 

Well, I beeped through security so the security guard had to go over my body with a portable metal detector. First they went over the front and then they told me to "dar una vuelta." Good thing I understood because I wouldn't have wanted to seem suspicious or anything. See, we found a practical use for the song :) 

Back on track...I'll have you know that despite my beeping, I was not once asked for any form of ID. Eeek. 

A sleepy hour-and-a-half later we landed in Barcelona!

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