Friday, October 8, 2010

Parque del Retiro

My friends and I spent a relaxing afternoon in Madrid at El Retiro. This park was originally a recreation area for the royal family, so it has some beautiful statues and buildings. 

We decided to go out on little rowboats and see the park from the water, here is our view:

And here we are. I lucked out...both my friends are on the rowing team at school.  This meant I did not have to deal with the boat only going in "círculos", tipping over, or CRASHING :)

The odd duck out! Can you find him?

There are plenty of other things to do aside from the rowboats. You can take a walk, feed ducks, eat ice cream, play on the playground, go for a run, go for a bike ride, see the different buildings and statues inside the park, or just sit back and relax on a bench. 

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