Thursday, October 14, 2010

Día de Hispanidad

Tuesday we had the day off from school in honor of el Día de Hispanidad. My friend and I decided to go see the desfile (parade) near the Real Madrid Soccer stadium. I apologize in advance for the poor quality of pictures, the majority of my pictures were some version of this guy's head or that guy's hands. 


The parade started off with a really cool fly-over, take a look!

Next, we saw a lot of military come through and everyone was cheering for them. 

Next came a series of marching bands but I couldn't snag a picture of them. Then came a slew of horses. First there was a series of chestnut-colored horses, than white horses, then black horses, and finally bay (brown) horses. They were all GORGEOUS! I managed to get a picture of the white horses:

And then the parade ended and everyone started walking away...

Just kidding! This is everyone walking away because they knew that Zapatero (their president) was going to drive by next and they do not like him over here. The only spectators who stayed were the ones who decided to yell at him as he came by. It was an interesting cultural experience for sure. Good news though, my friend and I were able to get a good view and saw the royal family as they drove by. No pix of this as it all happened so quickly.

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